The beauty of our job is that we have the chance to travel all over the world to capture your most beautiful moments. This time we take you to Sicily, for an extraordinary three days wedding.

This wedding was wonderfully organized by the wedding planners of Evelyne Layani Organisation. 

Each day and party was incredible, with breathtaking decorations, in beautiful places. 

First Night : Extravaganza 

To start the festivities, the wedding began with an Italian evening with extravagant allure. 

This one took place at the Castello del Solacium, a place that exudes old-fashioned Italy. It was a pure pleasure to photograph. There was a breathtaking decoration and comedians, dressed in incredible costumes, wandered throughout the evening between the guests to do the show. 

I let you discover in picture this first evening, because a picture is better than thousand words. 

Second Night : Dolce Vita 

The evening before the wedding, took place the welcome dinner, in a place absolutely typical of Sicily, the Taverna La Cialoma. 

This restaurant located at the seaside, with blue and white colors, was incredible. As photographers, it was for us the perfect setting for sublime photos. 

The evening was animated by the Gipsy Queens, something to dance until the end of the night. 

D-Day : A bohemian chic wedding 

For the wedding day, we headed to the beautiful place Dimora dele Balze. This place, once again typically Italian, surrounded by greenery, was the ideal place to celebrate the love of Angelina and Fabio. 

The ceremony, which took place in the hotel gardens, was full of emotion and we had a great time capturing it. 

The dinner and the evening took place in the courtyard of Dimora dele Balze. Once again an incredible setting awaited us. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to capture in photo and video the most beautiful day of your life. 


Wedding credits.
Wedding Planner : @evelynelayaniorganization
Decoration: @vincenzodascanio
Venues: @castellodelsolacium; @taverna_la_cialoma; @dimoradellebalze
Caterer: @squiseating
Entertainment: @nuart_events; @thegypsyqueensofficial
Band: @dreamersliveband